Jameela Jamil celebrates gaining 10 pounds as she addresses Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner 'publicly bragging about their fast weight loss'

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In response to Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner showing off their physical transformations, Jameela Jamil is celebrating one of her own: a 10-pound weight gain.

On Saturday the British star — who has been critical of society's pressure to look a certain way — took to Instagram to share footage of her new curves. Jamil's post comes just days after Kardashian, 41, admitted to losing 16 pounds in just three weeks so she could fit into Marilyn Monroe's famous dress for the Met Gala on Monday, a weight loss plan that was called "dangerous" by dietitians and body image advocates. Despite the criticism, Kardashian slipped on another vintage Monroe dress later in the week.

Meanwhile, over the weekend half-sister Jenner posted a shot of herself in a bikini, which comes days after speaking candidly about trying to shed the 60 pounds she'd gained during her second pregnancy. The 24-year-old recently told fans that she's "down 40 pounds" since welcoming a son in February, and is "trying to be healthy and patient" and she works to get back to her pre-baby weight.

Jamil, 36, referenced both sisters in her Instagram post

"I hear Kim and Kylie keep publicly bragging about their fast weight loss," the Good Place actress wrote. "Well for balance, I am bragging that I gained 10 lbs. And I love it. Thank you for the delicious food that gave me these delicious boobs and thighs."

The accompanying video sees Jamil swaying her body to Madonna's "Vogue."

"Big ups to food that we are so lucky to have access to," she continued in the post's caption. "If you want to change your body… Don’t do fast weight loss or gain for aesthetics. It’s BAD for your health. Your organs will thank you if you take your time. Patience is a virtue.

"I gained weight over the past two years," Jamil added. "Pizzas were had. Bigger jeans and bras were bought. Life carried on."

The She-Hulk star and activist hasn't shied away from calling out the Kardashians and other celebrities for advertising detox teas and other weight loss products. And she's not the only star speaking out about Kardashian's controversial Met Gala prep. Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart called the quick slim-down "so f***ed," later defending her criticism in tweet explaining why she calls out "toxic behavior in our industry."

Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis also addressed Kardashian in an Instagram post reflecting on her own past experiences with calorie counting.

"Have you ever tortured yourself to fit into a dress?" the reality star asked. "I used to constantly."

"Hearing Kim Kardashian say she basically only ate tomatoes so she could fit into Marilyn Monroe's dress reminded me of the days I'd count calories and burn off everything I ate," Otis continued.

"I actually like Kim and no matter what you think of her no one can deny the woman's drive and tenacity. Buuut it honestly makes me sad that someone so influential is almost bragging about something so unhealthy and unrealistic for the most of us ... there are so many little girls who look up to her and want to be just like her."

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