James Arthur: Every item banned from Riverside Stadium gig including umbrellas, air horns and signs

James Arthur is set to perform at the Riverside Stadium on June 8
-Credit: (Image: Edward Cooke)

There is just one week to go until James Arthur takes to the Riverside Stadium stage in a huge homecoming gig.

The Teesside singer-songwriter is set to perform in front of thousands at his biggest headlining gig to date on June 8 at the home of Middlesbrough FC. James may have recently taken his Bitter Sweet Love tour across the globe - but the Teesside concert will be a night like no other has he performs all his greatest hits on home turf.

If you're planning on heading to the gig, there's a mountain of things that are handy to know - especially what you can and can't bring inside the stadium. The club has published a list online of prohibited items for the gig - which will be familiar to music lovers who attended The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, and Take That concerts at the ground.

Middlesbrough FC said you may be subjected to a body and/or bag search at the entrance to the ground, which is standard across the previous Riverside Stadium gigs. Anyone suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or to carry out illegal activities onsite, will be asked to leave.

Security teams will be stationed on each site entrance and, if found with any prohibited items, people will be asked to take them back to their car or dispose of them in the refuse bin. The club advises people to plan ahead and - if in doubt - leave it at home, as there is no place to store items and collect them again after the event.

Don't want to lose your best umbrella, do you?

James Arthur on his Bitter Sweet Love tour
James Arthur on his Bitter Sweet Love tour -Credit:James Kellegher Visuals

What should I NOT bring with me?

The following is a basic list of prohibited items:

  • Alcohol, except in hand sanitizer.

  • Controlled drugs.

  • Glass, cans, plastic bottles or thermos flasks of any kind.

  • Flammable liquids and aerosols (including perfume, after-shave, hairspray, etc).

  • Laser pens/pointers.

  • Laptops, iPads or similar electronic tablets, professional cameras/video recording equipment.

  • Food and drink, unless for medicinal purposes. Gluten-free food and drink is also prohibited, as these options are available on site. Please notify the stadium prior to the day of the event if you need to bring items for medicinal use by emailing Concert-accessibility-24@mfc.co.uk

  • Umbrellas (even if it rains), signs, banners, flags, inflatables, selfie sticks.

  • Air horns, whistles or other noise making devices.

  • Knives and other weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, confetti, glitter bombs or sprays.

  • Any other items, publicised in advance by stadium management and/or the promoters, or to which they raise objections on the day of the event.

Admission may be refused to anyone carrying one or more of the items listed above.

While you aren't able to bring in food and drink - other than the exceptions listed such as for medicinal purposes - there will be a wide variety of options available at the fan village, which is open from 3.30pm.

What CAN I bring with me?

While the stadium is asking people not to bring a bag to the event if possible in a bid to speed up entry, you are still able to.

If you do need to bring one, it must be no bigger than A4 in size - and anything bigger will not be allowed into the ground. The bag will be searched, and anything listed on the prohibited items list will be confiscated before entry.

You can bring personal medication on site but you will need to email Concert-accessibility-24@mfc.co.uk at least 14 days prior to the event outlining your requirement. Once this is approved, you need to bring the confirmation email and your medication in a clear plastic bag so it can be inspected upon entry.