James Arthur says he WON'T retire from music after latest album

James Arthur says he won’t be retiring from music
James Arthur says he won’t be retiring from music

James Arthur said he won’t be retiring from music, despite claiming otherwise on his Twitter account back in June.

The singer previously took to the social media platform to announce that he’d be giving up the profession after the release of his latest album.

But appearing on Good Morning Britain today (October 25), he revealed that he isn’t retiring after all.

Asked about the tweet, the former X Factor winner simply replied: “Yeah, I was having a bad day, I think.”

“I mean, there are certain aspects of the business that I don’t enjoy. The politics, those kinds of things. I’m just good at the music. I’m not even that good at this kind of thing [giving interviews].”

He added: “I just like making the music and performing for my fans and stuff. You have days where you just don’t want to do the other stuff.”

James Arthur says he prefers to write music alone
James Arthur says he prefers to write music alone

Asked by host Ben Shepherd if he’s considering just writing music instead, Arthur replied: “I still love performing. I still love connecting with the fans. That’s my purpose: to make music for people, like myself, who have been through lots of stuff.”

Fans were shocked back in June when Arthur hit them with the surprise (and now untrue) announcement of his retirement.

The post prompted a slew of comments from devastated fans, with one writing: “Are you serious? This better be a joker, Arthur.”

Earlier this month, Arthur explained why he prefers writing music alone, stating: “I started out writing on my own. Sitting in my bedroom on my guitar and whaling my feelings for two hours, people connected with that.

“I don’t feel good about compromising my 100% creativity. I don’t like to dilute anything I do. I like to write on my own.

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