James Bisgrove sees verdict on his Rangers legacy passed by unflinching Jury who take dim view over summer splurge

Rangers chief executive James Bisgrove
-Credit: (Image: SNS Group)

WHAT will James Bisgrove be remembered for at Rangers?

Andy Newport: For allowing Michael Beale free rein last summer. It was a decision that has had fatal consequences this season. He also brought in Castore and their never-ending kit launches, the controversial MyGers scheme and a deal to take part in the Sydney Super Cup.

Fraser Wilson: The majority of his time was spent in the commercial department and he had success there. But it’s as CEO that he will be judged by punters and his 13-month spell at the helm coincided with an awful summer transfer window.

Michael Gannon: As a patter merchant who got over-promoted. There were some commercial gains in the background but major missteps like the Australia shambles. Gers need a serious heavy hitter in the CEO hotseat.

SHOULD Celtic consider cashing in on striker Kyogo Furuhashi?

Andy: At 29 this would appear to be the last window where they could extract maximum value but there’s no point cashing in if they don’t have an adequate replacement. Adam Idah is a decent alternative but Kyogo is still Celtic’s leading frontman.

Fraser: No. Kyogo is still very much the talisman at Parkhead and the most likely forward to conjure up a goal out of nothing. Even an inconsistent season produced 19 strikes. Kyogo’s sale would leave a huge hole.

Michael: He’s a proven goalscorer with a big-game mentality. Celtic would be daft to sell him as it would take way more dosh to replace him.

HAVE the SPFL made the right decision in banning artificial pitches in the top flight?

Andy: Lower-league clubs won’t like it but it’s absolutely the right call for the top division. Plastic pitches look awful on TV and the standard of play on them isn’t much better. But the Premiership clubs must also ensure they up their own turf game.

Fraser: I fear not. Expect more call-offs. Okay, plastic can fall victim to the weather too but not nearly as often as some of our grass pitches. This is going to put an almighty strain on some of our ambitious lower-league clubs.

Michael: It’s definitely a positive step for the image of the game but there should be some financial help given to clubs making the transition, on top of the two-year grace period. There should also be stricter rules on the grass pitches because many are not up to scratch.

WHAT do you want to see from Scotland’s friendly with Gibraltar on Monday?

Andy: Well, Lawrence Shankland starting up top. Having a proper goalscorer could make the difference in us making the Euros knockouts and I’d like to see the Hearts skipper get the chance to show he’s the man to lead us into the tournament.

Fraser: Goals. Lots. For Scotland. It’s a game designed to get our forwards up to speed and our creative players on the ball. Hopefully a clean sheet at the other end, game time for a good number of players and certainly no injuries.

Michael: A very uninspiring narrow win with no injuries. It’s a stretch of the legs and it’s time for some mind games to lull the Germans into a false sense of security.