James Blunt mocks himself as he sets up ‘support group’ for fans

Emma Powell

James Blunt has brilliantly mocked himself by setting up a support group for his fans.

Blunt, 43, set up the group to gives fans a safe space to discuss his music in aid of his upcoming album The Afterlove.

The one minute clip shows a group of ‘fans’ sitting in a circle.

One woman introduces herself as Claire before struggling to admit her affection for Blunt’s music. She says: “Hi I’m Claire. I’m 26 and erm… I erm…”

Ready to help her out, Blunt says: “It’s OK Claire, we’re all James Blunt fans here.”

A message at the end reads: “If you have been affected by James Blunt, pre-order the new album The Afterlove now.”

Blunt shared the video with his 1.3 million Twitter followers alongside the caption: “The first step is admitting it.”

People were quick to mock him with one tweeting: “Those actors will never work again!”

Others hailed him as “funny” and a “genius” as they admitted to being fans – except for one user who tweeted: “Going to hide your CD in a Stormzy case and stand proud.”

Another user said she had been so affected by the video that she wanted to go out and buy Blunt’s new album: “Oh dear Lord. Genius. That actually makes me want to buy your album.”

The Afterlove is out now.