James Bond actor Colin Salmon complains to Met after son subjected to ‘emasculating’ stop and search

Colin Salmon complained to the Met about the treatment of his son  (PA)
Colin Salmon complained to the Met about the treatment of his son (PA)

James Bond actor Colin Salmon has issued a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police after he alleges his son was pulled from his bike in an ‘emasculating’ stop and search.

The Strictly Come Dancing star accused the Met of targetting his son as he cycled through Shepherd’s Bush Market at 8.30am on Tuesday.

Mr Salmon said his son was picked off by police, subjected to a search and handed a £50 fine despite six other cyclists committing the same offence of passing through a red light.

He claims a middle-aged woman simply cycled away from officers saying “I don’t have time for this” while his son was made to stand against a wall and searched.

He tweeted: “The policeman who stopped my son could have been Priti’s son. He came out from the side grabbed his arm nearly pulling him off his bike at a slow pace.”

He said his son, startled by the physical contact, turned and swore before realising he was being stopped by police and apologised.

Shepherd's Bush Market (Daniel Lynch)
Shepherd's Bush Market (Daniel Lynch)

Mr Salmon wrote: “He asks what’s the problem and is told to stand against the wall asks again. [He is told] for swearing and running red light.

“Explains he let pedestrians cross unlike others so why him? Bag searched wallet searched, asked if he’s been arrested before. ID taken out of wallet, details taken.

“£50 fine imposed by one officer while other speaks to another cyclist, female middle-aged. She tells him she hasn’t got time for this and cycles on without consequence. My son stands there still querying why only he’s been stopped in the first place.”

He added: “He’s cycling to work to pick up a computer so he can work from home and be with mum who’s going in for a difficult surgery tomorrow.

“He got a new job, he’s happy, feeling confident after months of anxiety and boom! A reminder of how so many see him.

“It’s humiliating, aggressive and if you resist in anyway and it gets out of hand you’re in deep. It’s emasculating and traumatising and there in lies the sorry tale of our over representation in the justice system.”

Colin Salmon with his partner Fiona Hawthorne (Dave Benett)
Colin Salmon with his partner Fiona Hawthorne (Dave Benett)

Mr Salmon rose to prominence on Prime Suspect before starring in Tomorrow Never Dies after which he was suggested by Pierce Brosnan as an excellent candidate for the role of James Bond.

He shares four children with artist Fiona Hawthorne.

The Met and Mr Salmon have been approached for further comment.

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