James Bond style movie to be filmed in Bahrain

Bahrain has been chosen as the location for part of the filming of a British spy movie, the Manama-based Gulf Daily News reported on Sunday.

The movie, ‘Bulldog Drummond: Hero for hire’, is based on a series of British novels published between 1920 and 1954. It will be produced by the London-based Twickenham Film Group.

“We are even planning on shooting parts of Bulldog Drummond: Hero for hire in Bahraini waters… It will be a James Bond style action movie,” James Black, founder of TFG, said.

Earlier in the year, TFG reveled plans to launch a film academy and studio in Bahrain and Black confirmed that his firm is looking for land in the Gulf state for the proposed project.

“The Bahrain Film Studios and Academy will have four sound stages of different sizes. We are ready to make a move to Bahrain and are just looking for any Bahraini company or person that has 30,000 sq. m. of land to sell that is not near (Bahrain International) Airport,” Black added.

According to Gulf Daily News, US-based construction corporate Sprung is reportedly in talks with TFG to build the Bahrain complex.

Sprung has previously constructed studios for both Sony and Universal Studios.

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