James Corden celebrates One Day More of Trump with Les Miserables performance

James Corden celebrates “no more days of angry tweets” as he bids farewell to President Donald Trump with a new version of the Les Miserables song One Day More.

The TV star is joined by famous faces including Matt Lucas and Patti LuPone for the song, performed during his US chat show The Late Late Show, which sees him in his office clearing out old show scripts about Trump and magazines featuring him on the cover.

The video sees Corden arriving at work for the last day of Trump’s presidency, to be confronted by a TV screen showing the president making false claims about the election being stolen from him.

He breaks into song, singing: “One day more. The final day of Trump as president.

“The White House has a brand new resident.

“It’s been four years of endless crimes, but now he’s finally out of time.”

He adds: “No more days of angry tweets. Ship him off to Mar-a-Lago. Biden better change the sheets, will you change the locks with me?”

LuPone and Lucas both take on the role of MAGA supporters sporting red baseball caps who sing about defying mask mandates and gun rights.

The whole ensemble appear on television screens behind him to sing: “What a year this month has been. We’ll be in the parking lot at Four Seasons Landscaping,” before adding: “His term is done. The day is here.”

The song reaches a climax as they sing: “Tomorrow we’ll discover what Joe Biden has in store.

“No more Trump. One more day. One day more.”

The video ends with a reminder about how hard the theatre community has been hit by the pandemic and says a donation was made to Broadway Cares as thanks to the actors who participated in the video.

It also encourages viewers to also donate to the Broadway Cares/Equity Fight Aids Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Fund.