James Corden spoofs Calvin Klein underwear advert

The talk show host has previous, having recorded a light-hearted take on David Beckham's underwear advert in 2015.

James Corden has once again shown the ability to laugh at himself in a spoof of Calvin Klein’s latest underwear advert.

The commercial features singer Shaun Mendes, actor Noah Centineo, model Kendall Jenner and rapper ASAP Rocky frolicking about in Los Angeles in various states of undress while wearing underwear from the American fashion brand.

Corden’s version intersperses humorous clips of himself into the regular advert, including a moment where he blames Mendes for putting an empty cereal box back in the cupboard.

In another added scene, The Late Late Show host is seen banging on the bathroom door while Jenner is inside filing her nails.

He tells the reality TV star, who is part of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family, “you grew up with like, nine sisters, you know how sharing a bathroom works”.

And another clips features Corden demanding ASAP Rocky get off the roof of the house, where he is lying down and singing along to New Order’s 1987 hit True Faith, which plays over the advert.

The final scene sees Corden, wearing a T-shirt and blazer along with his Calvin Klein boxer shorts, ready to join the other co-stars.

It is not the first time Corden has created a light-hearted take on an underwear advert.

In 2015 he teamed up with David Beckham to poke fun at the former England captain’s underwear line.