James Martin diffuses awkward Saturday Morning feud as guests clash on set

James Martin diffused the tension in the kitchen as his guests bickered over chicken
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

James Martin's Saturday Morning was back on our screens this morning, serving up delicious recipes and some unexpected tips and tricks. However, the episode on June 1 brought a bit more excitement than usual, with two guests butting heads over how to prepare a chicken.

On the latest edition of the beloved ITV show, James welcomed Dipna Anand and her father Gulu Anand, the powerhouse pair from a famous Punjabi cuisine restaurant. The atmosphere heated up in the kitchen as they embarked on creating Haandi Chicken Masala and Rice.

They quickly started to bicker as James handed Dipna a bowl filled with raw chicken. Dipna playfully referenced her dad's earlier complaints: "That the chicken dad's been sulking about."

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As James chuckled and glanced at Gulu, Dipna revealed her dad wasn't too happy about her decision to not let him get involved. She told viewers: "I got the butcher to cut the chicken instead of dad."

James, who has recently undergone treatment for facial cancer, chimed in, reminiscing about the time he saw Gulu skillfully carve a chicken "in less than a minute into 27 pieces" as he hailed it one of the most "magical things" he's ever witnessed on the show.

Dipna's dad took up the topic to clarify that it was "from the joints." Not taking this lightly, Dipna responded sharply: "All I said was you're not the only person who knows how to cut a chicken. I told the butcher how to cut it and I think he's done an ok job."

Watching their ensuing spat, James showed a shocked expression at the camera before moving over to join his chef colleagues Richard Bertinet and Ashley Palmer-Watts off-camera. In a humourous comment, James diffused the situation as he joked: "You alright gents, you alright lads."

Picking on the tense chuckles, Dipna turned the conversation back to her cooking instructions, asserting firmly: "Anyway, you can use chicken on the bone. That's traditional."