James Martin snaps 'no' at ITV Saturday Morning chef as she awkwardly laughs it off

James Martin was forced to awkwardly shut down a ITV Saturday Morning guest on Saturday in tense scenes. The ITV chef spoke out on Saturday morning (May 18) after being joined by his guests in the ITV studio from 9.30am.

James welcomed Lisa Allen alongside chefs Philip Howard and Alysia Vasey and All Saints legend Shaznay Lewis to the show. During the programme, James handed chef Lisa a huge loaf of bread, as he started to introduce a break.

She shared her shock at the huge portion as James asked: "Do you want a knife," to which she replied: "Yeah I think so. Can I have a bigger knife?" James then responded awkwardly, saying: "No," as Lisa laughed before the show went to an advert break.

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On Twitter/X today, fans watching BBC Saturday Kitchen admitted they were going to tune out and watch James instead due to the line up. One fan said: "Saturday Morning Kitchen today. I went with James Martin." A second said: "Another great show, and lovely to see @ShaznayOfficial and hear her new music. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend."

But a third said: "Yes, I think it has lost its way recently. While James Martin seems to trot out the same old recipes again and again!" Another said: "The close-up at the end of the cooking almost made me drool"

"Great to see Shaznay Lewis on Saturday kitchen. An amazing songwriter and beautiful too!" Jon wrote. John said: "See Sarurday Kitchen Live presented a live pantomime this morning. Had to turn off after 2 minutes. Turned to James Martin Saturday morning, far better class of prog & guests."

"@SaturdayKitchen have switched over to James Martin on ITV as just can’t watch Donal," another posted, as the show aired from 9.30am on the first day of the weekend.