James May nearly died filming 'The Grand Tour'

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    I miss Jezza, Captain Slow, and The Hamster more than they'll ever know, but I live on a fixed income. I simply can't afford to pay to watch them, more's the pity. Look out for each other, Fellas. Best of luck!
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    Still not paying to watch it..
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    Big Blue
    These guys have wonderful chemistry, and I'm looking forward to the show. It will be interesting to see them operate outside of the confines established by the BBC.
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    Got Amazon prime to save on shipping... and then Amazon signed up the boys! Bonus!

    Guess Amazon didn't pay them enough for a lifejacket for May?
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    The Mad King
    Wify already had Amazon prime. Now we have a real reason to have it!
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    I have my prime subscription and am ready. Only 18 days to go:) Can't wait to see the new show.......................
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    Jeremy Clarkson should be tied up on a pole on a track and ran into at 180 mph. I wonder how many times his huge head would bounce??