James McAvoy’s Embarrassing Grooming Accident Mistaken for Suicide Attempt

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

James McAvoy and his baby-smooth head dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert asked the actor an unusual question about his famous X-Men character, Charles Xavier, saying, “If you can reveal this, does the carpet match the lack of drapes?” McAvoy didn’t answer the question but he did share a pretty nuts story.

McAvoy revealed that when he was young man he tried to groom his genitalia with his grandfather’s straight-edge razor. Halfway through process he decided it wasn’t for him and retired to his bedroom.

McAvoy said he soon heard a voice, “This voice from downstairs, my granny and grandad standing at the bottom of the stairs, like ‘James, James, son? Would you come downstairs and have a wee chat with us?”

McAvoy had apparently nicked himself with the razor without realizing it. He said his grandparents were concerned after finding blood on the razor and toilet that he had slit his wrists. McAvoy said they kept urging, “Show us your wrists, son!”

After some back and forth, the actor came clean and told his grandparents that he was actually just shaving his testicles.

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