James O'Brien backs Sussexes' decision based on levels of criticism in press

Staff writer

James O'Brien has used his LBC talk radio show to defend the decision made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to 'step back' from being 'senior' royals.

O'Brien stated that the Harry and Meghan have faced much more criticism from the press than other royals and are entirely within their rights to say they are no longer putting up with it.

He said: "Prince Harry will have been told 'We all have to put up with it, old boy'. And he will have pointed out 'No, none of you put up with what I put up with. None of you put up with what Meghan is being exposed to'.

"The only person, arguably, who has been exposed to similar levels of vitriol and abuse that Harry's wife has is Harry's mum. Harry's dead mum.

"Harry's mum who died while being pursued at high speed through a tunnel in Paris in a car driven by a drunk. That's the only person I can think of.

"But even that doesn't hold water, as Diana, Princess of Wales, also got a very positive ride by the British media.

"So if people in the Palace have been saying to Harry 'Oh come on old boy, this is the price we pay for all the good stuff', he would turn around and say 'Nobody in this family pays the price that my wife is being asked to pay. So you can take your Royal family and stick it where the sun don't shine, we're moving to Canada'."

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O'Brien went on to tackle a caller who criticised the Duchess of Sussex for "dominating" Prince Harry. Steve from Bedford, who said he has experience of working for a Royal family abroad, told the radio host: "It's like your best friend marrying someone who is totally dominated him."

However, when Steve was asked to give an example of this domination his argument started to come unstuck. Listen to the exchange in the clip below: