Jamie Cullum reveals why his latest album is called Taller

By Julia Hunt, PA Entertainment Correspondent

Jamie Cullum has revealed his latest album was named Taller in reference to people making comments about his height.

The musician is around 5ft 5ins tall and is married to Sophie Dahl, who is several inches taller – which is the name he gave to the album he released this year.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Christmas Show, he said: “I managed to completely break one of the laws of the universe by marrying a taller woman and it was quite interesting how much that was talked about.

Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl (Yui Mok/PA)

“I thought it’s a really great opportunity to write a song about that when really, we’ve been married for 10 years now and together for 13 years and I feel like I have grown into myself so much as a person loving this woman and she is very emotionally intelligent you see, so I had to grow to meet her.”

“It’s a metaphor really,” added the singer-songwriter.

The Jonathan Ross Show is on Christmas Eve at 9pm on ITV.