Jamie Demetriou pausing Stath Lets Flats but won't rule out more series

Jamie Demetriou is 'pausing' Stath Lets Flats credit:Bang Showbiz
Jamie Demetriou is 'pausing' Stath Lets Flats credit:Bang Showbiz

Jamie Demetriou says he's "pausing" ‘Stath Lets Flats’, but he won't rule out future series.

The comedian, screenwriter and actor – who created Channel 4 sitcom, which has received BAFTA awards for Best Scripted Comedy and Best Male Comedy Performance – admitted he’s taking a break, but he isn't completely against a fourth season.

He told RadioTimes.com: "I'm really just living in the moment. I've completed a very kind of rocky 14 months of making stuff and I don't feel like it's important to make decisions like that so soon.

"I really want to let things breathe and work out as and when things feel like they're right to do and if inspiration strikes or if it doesn't. I'm not putting a date on anything or a kind of definite decision on anything and that's actually just a truthful answer, I'm not being political."

Jamie - who plays a socially inept letting agent in ‘Stath Lets Flats’ - would like to spread his creative wings and branch out to other avenues outside of comedy.

He added: "I'm really excited to allow my career to go in the direction that feel rights at any given time. I suppose, you know, I have been working on Stath for a decade. It would be good for me to, at the very least, pause.

"I don't know about putting a full stop, but there's definitely going to be a comma and it just depends on who big that comma is, you know.

"I mean, it's effectively my whole adult life. The Stath as you know it, I've been working on for 10 years. The previous four years, I was doing comedy and doing that voice and stuff, so yeah, I'm like it would be good to flex some other muscles."

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