Jamie Dornan auditioned for Superman movie in "pyjamas"

Jamie Dornan auditioned for Superman movie in "pyjamas"

Fifty Shade of Grey star Jamie Dornan has revealed he once auditioned for the role of Superman wearing "Superman pyjamas".

The actor recalled the "early audition" in an interview with Variety, admitting to his unusual choice of attire for the part.

"The only one I auditioned for is Superman," he told the publication. "That was way back when, like when Henry Cavill got cast. That’s probably 12 years ago or something

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"I wore my own suit there. Was that a mistake? They were Superman pyjamas, they weren't an actual suit," he added.

Dornan was quick to clarify that he didn't progress further than the early audition stage and "got nowhere near putting the [real] suit on".

The role would later go to Henry Cavill, who was well-received by fans as Clark Kent, appearing in Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Black Adam and Justice League (two versions).

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Dornan's big break later came as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, based on the best-selling books by E L James.

In the same interview, the actor admitted that whilst the franchise was a hit with fans, it was negatively received by critics.

"I'm grateful that Dakota [Johnson] and I have managed to come out [in the years since] and make work that people still like and have had some of those said critics do a bit of a 180," he said.

Dornan is currently on screen in new Netflix spy caper Heart of Stone, sharing the screen with Wonder Women's Gal Gadot and Bollywood star Alia Bhatt.

He plays Parker, the head of MI6, alongside Gadot's secret agent Rachel Stone, who is tasked with reclaiming The Heart, her organisation's valuable and dangerous asset, before it falls into the wrong hands.

Dornan is also back for The Tourist season 2, which is primed for broadcast on BBC One later this year. Season one proved to be a massive hit for the broadcaster, breaking a BBC record on January 2 for the biggest festive day viewing on iPlayer, with 22 million streams.

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