Jamie Dornan defends Gal Gadot's Imagine video and says she was "trying to do a good thing"

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

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Jamie Dornan has discussed his involvement in Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video which received a backlash from some fans on social media.

The actor says Gadot had created the clip - which featured an array of A-list stars singing a line from the John Lennon song - with the best intentions which was meant to lift people's spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

"She was trying to do a good thing," the Fifty Shades star told the Tea with Me podcast with Shane Todd. "I just got dragged along with it."

Dornan said he was asked to get involved by his co-star Kristen Wigg - who later texted to apologise following the controversy - and that he tried to keep it real by filming his part from his bathroom at home.

"Kristen [Wiig] and I did a movie together last summer that's meant to be coming out on July 31 but who knows what will happen [because of the coronavirus impact]," Dornan continued.

"We got on brilliantly. I would do anything for her - that's how highly I think of her. I was the biggest fan of her before anyway.

"Kristen texted two days before that came out, 'My friend Gal and I are trying to organise this thing to lift people's spirits. I thought it was a lovely thing to do. Kristen said, 'This is great. Whatever happens, happens.' And then she texted a couple of days later saying, 'Sorry.'"

Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS - Getty Images
Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

He suggested that part of the problem may have been that some of the celebrities had escaped to their second homes, which isn't a relatable situation for most people.

"I’ll tell you what the problem was - I literally did mine in the toilet of my house," he recalled. "Quite clearly, some people had escaped to their second home. There's too much acreage in the background, too many beautiful trees swaying in the background, clearly in front of an ocean, that sort of craic. I was quite aware of that whenever I was doing it, to make it normal."

Gadot had revealed her inspiration behind the video was an uplifting video circulating on social media of an Italian man on his balcony, playing the trumpet for all his neighbours to hear while in quarantine.

Meanwhile, Dornan's film with Wiig Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar was due for release in July, but has since been postponed due to coronavirus restrictions.

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