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Jamie Laing recalls moment fiancée Sophie Habboo went blue and ‘nearly died’: ‘I’ve never had fear like that in my life’

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Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing has spoken about the fear he felt as he rushed his fiancée Sophie Habboo to hospital, after she woke up vomiting in the night and went “blue”.

Earlier this week, the reality star shared photos of his partner (who also appeared in Made in Chelsea) in hospital, shortly after they had announced their engagement.

Laing, 32, has now detailed what happened to Habboo, 28, on his podcast, Private Parts, which he co-hosts with Alex Mytton.

He explained that the morning after he and Habboo celebrated their engagement, she was sick in the bathroom, leading him to assume that she may have had food poisoning.

However, she then vomited again in bed while Laing was midway through recording his podcast. Habboo shouted for Laing’s help, alarmed that her lips and fingers had turned blue.

“The last three days of my life have been the most bizarre ever,” Laing said. “I got engaged. My fiancée then nearly died. We went to hospital, and that was the last three days. We were recording a podcast, and we then had to cut it short, because Sophie came in screaming.’

Laing said he took Habboo to hospital, where her lips and fingers were “going bluer and bluer”.

“Everyone was like, ‘You’ve got to sit and wait, but she’s turning blue,’” recalled Laing. “Sophie was just crying tears into her face mask. I’ve never had fear like that in my life ever.”

He added: “Her oxygen levels had been seriously low, like seriously low. To the point where it was in a really dangerous situation. We don’t know what it came from…

“Thanks to these amazing doctors, it was fine, and then we were in the hospital for about seven hours doing all of that. She finally got her oxygen levels back to normal, and she’s totally OK and her haemoglobin thing is back to normal and everything like that.

“But it was intense and scary and full on and the most intense four days I have ever had in my entire life.”

The couple still do not know what caused Habboo’s oxygen levels to fall so low.

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