Jamie Oliver divides 'Good Morning Britain' viewers with bizarre pizza topping

Jamie Oliver at the opening of an unusual cafE in East London, where diners will be able to enjoy a tasting menu of dishes inspired by the most commonly wasted ingredients in the UK.
Jamie Oliver's controversial pizza topping probably wouldn't go down well in Italy. (PA)

Jamie Oliver has divided Good Morning Britain viewers with his latest recipe: a grape-topped pizza.

The celebrity chef shared his untraditional take on the Italian favourite in this week’s episode of Keep Cooking Family Favourites, before posting a snap of the finished dish on Instagram.

As debate ensued in the comments section of his post, GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard turned their attention to the unusual combination on Thursday morning.

Jamie Oliver's divisive grape-topped pizza
Jamie Oliver's divisive grape-topped pizza. (Good Morning Britain)

“Forget what’s going on with the royal household,” Shephard quipped.

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“Jamie Oliver has really thrown the cat among the pigeons with his most recent offering which looks delicious from my perspective.”

Unfortunately, Reid was not in agreement and it seems most viewers – as well as GMB’s showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold – were on her side.

“Sorry @GMB, pineapple or grapes on a pizza are a sin. That doesn't work at all, an absolute no-go,” tweeted one fan.

Others added:

Shephard did win some support though, and a number of viewers also shared their own unusual pizza preferences:

This is far from the first time that Oliver’s recipes have left home cooks shocked and amused.

The chef has previously come under fire for adding a non-traditional ingredient to paella while in 2018, he was at the centre of a “cultural appropriation” storm over a microwaveable Punchy Jerk Rice product.

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