Jamie Oliver shares inspiring message to students receiving their GCSE results

jamie oliver gcse results post
Jamie Oliver shares message on GCSE results dayNeil Mockford

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has taken to Instagram to share a message to all students receiving their GCSE results in the UK today (24 August).

Now a successful author and well-known TV chef, the star posted a heartfelt message to students on this important day.

In the caption, Jamie wrote: "Today is GCSE results day, which I know can be a stressful time...I’m always keen to say don't let this define you. The wider world is more open to you coming at life in a slightly different way.

"You don't have to be conventional, you just have to have the confidence to do it. And remember, school is just one part of your journey...We need to embrace everyone’s inner genius, which definitely comes in different shapes and forms. Whatever your results today, I know you can and will achieve amazing things!"

In the photos, Jamie is captured looking smiley in front of a poster for his first children's book: Billy & The Giant Adventure.

Fans were quick to reply to the star's post, commenting how wonderful it is that he is sending such a great message to all children and how the chef couldn't have said it any better.

The celebrity chef also made a shout-out to those with dyslexia receiving their results, after him having his own personal struggle with it from a young age.

The star said that these students should not be disheartened by their results, and should not let it define them.

Jamie is a great role-model to young people.

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