Jamie Oliver trolled hard over Tesco partnership: ‘Jerk shredded wheat here we come!’

Emma Powell
Savaged: Jamie Oliver came under fire: SplashNews.com

“Sugar snatcher” Jamie Oliver fell victim to a Twitter trolling after he announced his new partnership with Tesco, leaving shoppers fearing he will create more “jerk” inspired meals.

The TV chef was accused of being “well past his sell by date” by people who claimed Tesco’s decision to partner with Oliver was a “negative move” for the supermarket giant.

Oliver, who previously partnered with Sainsbury’s, shared the “amazing opportunity” in a Twitter video with his 6.8 million followers.

“Got a lovely little bit of news for you lovely people,” he said. “I’m going to partner and collaborate with... Tesco.

“My job description is fantastically simple and brilliant. It is to come up with delicious, healthier, affordable recipes for you guys.

“This is an amazing opportunity for me because they’ve been incredibly progressive in loads of areas I’m passionate about.”

But his passion was not shared, with many fearing his vision would see sugary products and meal deals scrapped in place of “jerk” inspired recipes.

Twitter users couldn’t resist taking a swipe at his controversial ‘punchy jerk rice’ with one posting: “Hope you’ll be bringing us his traditional katsu curry, made with Spam and Wagon Wheels.”

Another wrote: “As long as it isn’t jerk rice or any other appropriated Jamaican dish!”

A third joked: “Tesco meal deal will now be sugar free smoothies, seedless grapes and punchy jerk rice. Thanks Jamie Oliver.”

Row: Jamie Oliver's jerk rice product (Twitter)

Another wrote: “Jerk shredded wheat here we come!”

Oliver was accused of cultural appropriation on releasing his ‘punchy jerk rice’ last month, with many pointing out that jerk is not a seasoning traditionally used on rice, but on chicken and fish.

MP for Brent Central Dawn Butler was among the critics and accused Oliver of using the term jerk to sell products. “Your jerk Rice is not ok,” she tweeted. “This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop.”

Oliver later responded to the backlash, describing it as “daft” and claiming the world has “gone mad”.

The “passive aggressive” tweet was slammed online, with many accusing Oliver of having a complete “disregard for [Caribbean] culture”.