Jane McDonald lived with her mum until 45 before facing tragedies and heartbreak

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Jane McDonald, the singer known for her work on Cruising and as a presenter, has faced numerous personal challenges alongside her professional commitments. These include dealing with a marriage breakdown and coping with grief.

The star from Wakefield lived with her mother until she was 45, even after achieving fame in her early 30s on BBC One's The Cruise.

Since then, she has hosted her own TV shows, including the popular Channel 5 series Holidaying with Jane McDonald. Now aged 61, she has enjoyed several hit songs and, in 2009, released her first album under her own record label.

During a BBC Radio 4 interview, Jane explained why she continued to live at home with her mum until she was 45. She admitted that due to her hectic work schedule, she was often away from home for much of the year.

The former Loose Women panel member said: "I wasn't an only child. I still have a brother and sister, but I was the one who stayed at home until she was 45." She added: "I was out working all the time and I was able to pay for the bills and I had my mother at home looking after me. My brother and sister got married and they have been in great relationships all of their lives," reports the Express.

Despite living at home, Jane had been married once before, to a man named Paul. However, very little is known about him or their relationship.

They were married for just one year in 1986 before separating, and it would be another 12 years before Jane remarried. She met her second husband, Henrik Brixen, while filming the BBC series 'The Cruise', where he worked as a plumbing engineer on the ship.

Their wedding in 1998 was featured on the docu-series, and post-marriage, Henrik took on the role of Jane's manager to help her career flourish. However, their marriage ended after four years.

Jane explained to the Mirror in 2018: "Henrik tried his very very best and he was brilliant at what he did, but he didn't know the industry. We'd come to a point where Henrik had made quite a few enemies and he said, 'If I don't leave you, you are never going to have a career'.

"And that is why I never talk about Henrik in a bad light at all because he was the one that walked out of the marriage to save my career."

Jane's love life took a positive turn when she rekindled an old flame with Eddie Rothe, the former drummer of the 1960s band The Searchers, in 2008. Tragically, Eddie was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away in March 2021, spending his last days at The Wakefield Hospice, who were thanked by his loved ones in a statement on Twitter at the time.