Janet Street-Porter apologises over Nazi comment on Loose Women

Fiona Simpson
No offence: Janet Street-Porter made the comments on Loose Women: ITV

Janet Street-Porter has apologised after appearing to compare micro-chipping children to the Nazis tattooing Jews on Loose Women.

The ITV show panel were discussing whether parents should tag their children so that they would know where they are at all times, and the 70-year-old journalist said she found the idea "offensive".

She said: "I find it's treating children as badly as we treat prisoners.

"We tag prisoners and during the last world war Jews had triangles and had tattoos put on them and it was just absolutely offensive.

"And I find this idea of sticking a microchip inside an innocent child..."

However, Street-Porter was interrupted by fellow panellist Jane Moore who said the two could not be compared.

She then backtracked and said she had not intended to upset anybody with her comments.

"All right, I'm not comparing it and I apologise if I've offended people for that," she said.