Janey Godley shares worrying cancer update but remains positive in message to fans

The Glasgow comedian remains positive in a message to fans.
-Credit: (Image: X.com)

Janey Godley has shared a concerning health update with her followers as she undergoes treatment for incurable cancer.

The 63-year-old Glasgow comedian is battling stage three ovarian cancer and often shares the status of her illness with the hundreds of thousands of people who support her online.

In her most recent health update shared on X yesterday (June 19), Janey confirmed there have been a few changes with her condition and treatment.

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In a caption above the video message, she wrote: "The cancer scan revealed a few changes in lymph nodes and my cancer marker is going up.

"It’s not dramatic but with the new changes she wants to get ahead of the game and put me on a new chemo to challenge the disease. We won’t won’t ever beat it but we can keep treating it."

In the video shared to fans, Janey added: "It's not terrible news, we know that I'm always gonna be chasing this around my body.

"There's a couple of swollen lymphnodes and a wee bit of fluid in my abdomen... there's a couple of dots on my lungs that weren't there before.

"Because my cancer number has elevated, they are going to switch me onto a new medicine and chemotherapy.

"I'm not dying right now, I am still going and cannae wait to go on tour in October and November. It is what it is.

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"I am very blessed I have got the Scottish NHS."

She ended the video thanking all her fans for their love and support.

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