Janice Dickinson admits to fabricating part of Bill Cosby drug-rape allegation in memoir

Bill Cosby’s retrial is currently taking place. (Getty)
Bill Cosby’s retrial is currently taking place. (Getty)

Former super model Janice Dickinson has appeared in court to testify against Bill Cosby in a drugging and rape case, where she admitted to making up a story that appears in her memoir in order to protect herself.

Dickinson, 63, took to the stand in a Pennsylvania courtroom that sees Cosby, 80, on retrial on three separate accounts of sexual assault.

She recalled the incident in 1982 that took place in a Californian hotel room whereby the star was allegedly drugged and raped by the comedian.

‘Here was “America’s Dad” on top of me — a happily married man with five children,’ Dickinson said. ‘And I remember thinking how wrong it was — how very, very wrong,’ she revealed to the jury. ‘It was gross,’ she said, as she described passing out during the assault at the hands of Cosby.

Dickinson sais that she actually confronted Cosby the following day about the assault, only for him to deny it had ever taken place.

Cosby appearing in court. (Getty)
Cosby appearing in court. (Getty)

According to her testimony, she was furious at the star for attacking her: ‘I wanted to hit him,’ she said. ‘I wanted to punch him in the face.’

But it was when Cosby’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, confronted her regarding a 2002 ghostwritten memoir, titled No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel, that her stories appeared to conflict with one another.

When he held up her book and revealed the account in there was very different to what she is saying in court, Dickinson admitted that the contents of the book was a fabrication: “It’s all a fabrication there because I wanted the paycheck for my kids,’ she said, after telling the court that she’d given her ghostwriter ‘poetic licence’. In the book, it says her having rebuffed Cosby’s advances before popping a couple of Quaaludes (a sedative) and going to sleep.

Cosby’s lawyer attacked her mixed stories, by saying: ‘So you made things up to get a paycheck?’

Dickinson snapped: ‘They weren’t there! And you weren’t there! And I’m telling the real story!’

Janice Dickinson appearing at Bill Cosby’s retrial. (Getty)
Janice Dickinson appearing at Bill Cosby’s retrial. (Getty)

She added: ‘I put my hand on the Bible and I swore. I wasn’t under oath when I wrote the book.’

Dickinson said she removed Cosby’s name from the book at the request of her publisher because it could’ve ruined her career.

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