Anna Kalinskaya Just Made The Sweetest Comment About Boyfriend Jannik Sinner

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Jannik Sinner And Anna Kalinskaya's RelationshipJulian Finney - Getty Images

Jannik Sinner and Anna Kalinskaya support each other on and off the court.

The two make up tennis' latest power couple, who confirmed their relationship in May. “I don’t like to talk much about my private life,” Jannik said at a post-match press conference at the French Open in late May, per “Yes, I’m with Anna, but we keep everything very confidential. I won’t say more.”

As you may know, Jannik is the top men's tennis player in the world, while Anna is ranked 18th for women. The couple has made headlines for supporting each other at their matches—even as Anna retired early from Wimbledon 2024 due to injury.

So, how did tennis’ latest couple get together? Here’s everything fans know right now.

When did Jannik Sinner and Anna Kalinskaya start dating?

It’s not entirely clear how Jannik and Anna got together, but it’s very likely they crossed paths in the tennis world. As for when, this timeline is a little fuzzy.

Jannik reportedly used to date model Maria Braccini, and the two were apparently still an item up through early 2024. But Jannik and Anna were linked back in May when fans zoomed in on his phone screen and saw that he was on a call with Anna.

The two were also caught by paparazzi getting dinner in Paris before the French Open, which started in late May, per Town & Country.

After Jannik's first-round match at the French Open, the Italian confirmed he’s dating Anna. Photos from the tournament also showed the two watching each other’s matches and practicing together.

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Anna Kalinskaya watches Jannik Sinner during the 2024 French Open.Jean Catuffe - Getty Images

They did the same during Wimbledon:

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Jannik Sinner watches Anna Kalinskaya during Wimbledon 2024.Shi Tang - Getty Images

Jannik and Anna are a private couple.

When Jannik confirmed their relationship in May 2024, he told reporters that the two "keep everything very confidential" and that he wouldn't be saying any "more" on the topic.

This isn't the first time Jannik has spoken about his preference for privacy. In June 2024, he told Vanity Fair Italia that he likes to protect his loved ones from the spotlight.

"I see it as a small task to carry out, almost a duty: they helped me, when I was young, to gain self-confidence, and today in some way I want to protect them,” he said, per a translation on

Anna used to be in a relationship with Nick Kyrgios.

For a few months, the Russian native was dating fellow tennis player and Break Point star Nick Kyrgios, but they split in 2020.

“We broke up. We aren’t friends,” she reportedly said in the aftermath of their break-up, per The Sun. “I understand you are his friends, and it’s cool, but I’m not going to talk about him.”

She also reportedly wrote in a social media post that’s since been removed: “You're not a bad boy, you're simply a bad person.”

Jannik and Anna are each other’s biggest fans.

While the couple has kept quiet about the details of their relationship, these two have been cheering each other on. Before the finals of the Berlin Open, Anna said during an on-court interview that she’s “just trying to be a little bit as good as [Jannik].”

“He has an amazing year,” she said, before adding, “I'm gonna text him now, I'm so happy.”

After Jannik won the Halle Open, he shouted out his girlfriend in an on-court interview: "My girlfriend Anna played in Berlin today," he said, per Tennis365. "She lost, with six match points. So I’m very sorry for her. She also had an amazing week."


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