Japanese clothing brand selling hilarious t-shirts with random Scottish locations

One top bizarrely has both Falkirk and West Lothian written across the front
-Credit: (Image: Shoo La Rue / World Online Store)

A Japanese designer is selling a series of t-shirts online with the names of random locations in Scotland scrawled across them.

Shoo-La-Rue’s Cutie Blonde range has left social media users in stitches after images were shared of models wearing tops featuring the likes of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and West Lothian. The North Lanarkshire t-shirt is embroidered with flowers and is advertised on the World Online Store website at £7.20 (1,489 Yen).

Another product on offer says Falkirk in red font with - for some reason - the year 1932 on it. Customers can also find a t-shirt with Clackmannanshire on it. This top is accompanied by the caption “Clarity Precedes Success” and another random year, this time 1974.

The Clackmannanshire top is accompanied by the caption “Clarity Precedes Success”
The Clackmannanshire top is accompanied by the caption “Clarity Precedes Success” -Credit:Shoo La Rue / Lumine

Pictures of a “Since 1872 West Lothian” shirt have also been shared, alongside one which bizarrely features both Falkirk and West Lothian. The designs resemble those associated with varsity style sports teams and world-famous university towns, such as Boston, Harvard, Oxford, or Cambridge.

Universities in Scotland have their own ranges of prep-school style clothing featuring their names - but applying the aesthetic to the likes of West Lothian has drawn the attention of users on social media.

The North Lanarkshire t-shirt
The North Lanarkshire t-shirt -Credit:Shoo La Rue / World Online Store

A viral tweet from more than five years ago was reshared. It asked the question: “See how Scottish people wear tops that say ‘New York’ and ‘LA’ do people from America wear tops saying ‘Arbroath’ or ‘East Kilbride’.”

X user @mitch_2123 wrote: “Well there ye go. Japanese people wear tops that say Falkirk.”

The post has since gone viral and has been viewed over 650,000 times. One person said: "What is the company's details? I think Scottish people would love this!"

Another said: "I really need one that says Inverclyde on it." A third added: "This is class!"

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