Jarrod Bowen warned father not to fly England flag on campervan in case he encountered ‘wrong fans’

Proud Jarrod Bowen talks fondly of his family's travails and travels
Proud Jarrod Bowen talks fondly of his family's travails and travels - BORIS STREUBEL/UEFA

Jarrod Bowen told his father not to fly England flags on his campervan in case he encountered the “wrong fans” as his family and thousands of Three Lions supporters descend on Cologne.

The England star also revealed that his father Sam Bowen, 48, and his brother Harry fell out within five minutes of joining the convoy of hundreds of England fans following the Euros in motorhomes.

As England prepare for their final Group C match against Slovenia on Tuesday and aim for a better performance after Thursday’s 1-1 draw with Denmark, about 50,000 Three Lions fans have begun arriving in Cologne.

While most have arrived by plane or train, hundreds have been camping around Germany at sites around the cities where England have played.

Bowen previously revealed his family would be in a campervan because his dad was “very tight” and didn’t want to pay for the flights.

Home match: Jarrod with his dad Sam
Home match: Jarrod with his dad Sam - JARROD BOWEN/INSTAGRAM

Speaking over the weekend, the West Ham right-winger said that his father was doing long hours on the road after travelling hundreds of miles from the UK.

“I think everyone has heard the story of my dad in the campervan,” he said. “He’s doing all the hours on the motorways, driving up there the four of them. All of them that have come out have been really supportive.”

He added that his father just parked up wherever he went but he had told him to be careful about putting England fans up.

“He has not turned up at my hotel. He can’t get close to that. He has just been, I don’t know where he has been to be honest. He just kind of parks it up somewhere.

“I said take the England flags down just in case the windows might get put through if the wrong fans come across it.”

“It has been long days for them but they’ve enjoyed it but with four of them they can all drive along the way and take turns in driving.”

Bowen in action

Bowen joked that like many on a long journey his brother and father had fallen out within five minutes of setting off from Herefordshire.

“I think my brother fell out by the time they were five minutes up the road so you can imagine they’ve got so many hours and they’ve already fallen out.

“For me representing my country at a tournament and for them to come and do it that way, the way they are doing it, is really special for them as well.’’

It is unclear where the Bowen family will stay in Cologne but other fans arriving in campervans have already set up England camps around the city.

At Campsite Waldbad half-an-hour from Cologne a group of Sheffield Wednesday fans were playing darts in the German sunshine as they waited for the next game.

Among the 10-strong group, who had placed a flag pole with the St George’s flag flying from it in the middle of their camp, was Carl Glasby, 45, a roofer with son, Jacob, 18. They will have been out for two weeks when they return to South Yorkshire via a ferry from Rotterdam on Thursday.

Group of Sheffield fans enjoy a game of campsite darts
Group of Sheffield fans enjoy a game of campsite darts - PAUL GROVER FOR THE TELEGRAPH

“We went to the first game, some of us went to the second game and some of us watched it from fan parks and most of us went to the last game.

“We go back home Thursday night. Between games we’re just been doing what we are doing, drinking beer and playing darts. We are more hopeful for the next game.”

Others playing darts included Luke Webster, 30, and electrician said the experience had been “bang on”.

He said: “Look at this, it’s like an English pub outdoors. We haven’t challenged the locals to a game yet but I think there are a few who want to play.

“The football has been great but the experience is what you come for.”

He is sharing with father Bryn, 56, a paramedic, who added: “It has been brilliant, the atmosphere, the travelling, the beer, the food, the locals. We all hope England will be a bit better at the next game.”