Jason Biggs says he’s ‘a little jealous’ that Eugene Levy is Dan Levy’s ‘real dad’

Rachel Brodsky
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Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs in ‘American Pie' (Getty Images)
Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs in ‘American Pie' (Getty Images)

The most popular father-son duo in entertainment right now is undoubtedly Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, stars of the multiple Emmy-winning comedy Schitt's Creek. And it turns out, Jason Biggs is (jokingly) envious.

Jason Biggs, who played Levy's son in the American Pie franchise, joked on Instagram that he's "a little jealous" of Eugene and Dan.

"I mean, I know he’s not my real dad, he’s YOUR real dad, but still.. I can’t help but be a little jealous?" Biggs wrote under Dan's post, which showed the father-son duo on the cover of Entertainment Weekly as its 2020 Entertainers of the Year.

"Good thing you two are the best comedy/fashion/father-son pairing and deserve every accolade you’re getting. Makes it easier to stomach."

"Love you guys. And love this," he added.

"I always felt, being the senior member with the most experience, I would have to mentor a little bit in both a writing capacity and even possibly a performing capacity," the elder Levy told EW in his and Dan’s interview.

"Once I realized I did not have to do that, I could step back and we could go through this as equal partners," said Eugene. "That was the beginning of this thing moving forward like a well-oiled machine."

For his part, Dan told the magazine about how when American Pie came out in 1999, people actually thought Biggs' character was based on Dan's real teen years.

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“It was strange. I wish I was more confident back then because I really would’ve owned it, but I was really insecure and I didn’t like the attention,” he said about that time. “I was dressed to go to the premiere of American Pie and a friend of mine had seen a sneak preview of it and was like, ‘Do not see that with your parents.’ And I backed out.”

He continued, “Having that movie come out while I was in high school, I got a lot of idiots saying, ‘Ooh. Is that a story about your life?’ And in my mind I was, ‘I would kill to have a life that’s interesting enough to turn into a movie. No, thank you. And no, I didn’t f**k a pie.’ ”

Dan and Eugene Levy both won Emmys back in September for their work on Schitt's Creek; Eugene won Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and Dan won Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.