Jason Fox teams up with Nestle for heist movie spoof

Jason Fox was named the Golden Handler credit:Bang Showbiz
Jason Fox was named the Golden Handler credit:Bang Showbiz

Jason Fox has gone from Golden Handler to “Golden Muncher” in a new heist movie spoof.

The ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ hardman was appointed by Nestle to oversee the delivery of the first consignment of its new Golden Collection range to a London supermarket – but couldn’t resist tucking into the treats himself, making him the first person in the UK to try the Golden Aero, Milkybar, Munchies and Smarties.

A Nestle spokesperson said: “We thought we got the best in the business, but Foxy was more Golden Muncher than Golden Handler. Given his past and the size of those biceps, we certainly weren’t going to try to take the chocolate back off him.

“On the plus side, he was the first person in the country to try the Golden Collection, and it couldn’t have gone down any better. Literally. The products are available now in stores across the country and I’d urge the public to purchase them and try for themselves, before Foxy gets there first.”

The spoof film saw the former Special Forces operative take delivery of a golden briefcase of chocolate, which was handcuffed to his wrist, before he stepped into the back of an armoured security van.

The vehicle made its way through the streets of London before arriving at a branch of ASDA – and the store manager is left baffled when he opens the briefcase to find it empty.

The footage then restarted and showed what happened inside the van – with Jason cracking into the briefcase and munching away, oblivious to the cameras recording his every more.

Jason said: “During my time in the special forces and being in high pressure situations, I thought I was the perfect person to ensure this job was done without a hitch. This one didn’t, and I’m aware I haven’t covered myself in glory. If the Golden Collection wasn’t so delicious then that briefcase wouldn’t have been tampered with.”

Fans of Nestlé’s Golden Collection can enter a competition to win a number of Golden Collection treats straight from The Golden Handler himself. To enter, visit https://www.aerochocolate.co.uk/articles/your-favourites-reimagined-golden-touch#entry-form