Jason Gardiner on his major new life shift, from talent show judge to building sustainable houses

Former Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner talks Kate through his major new life shift, leaving fame behind to pursue permaculture and building sustainable housing in Portugal.

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Video transcript

JASON GARDINER: That's what's been interesting coming back here after being out of London for two years. I've kind of had a slight little identity crisis because where I really resonate is back in Portugal, on the land and in nature.

I love it. I've got one suitcase to my name. And it means that the possibilities of where I can go and what I can do are endless.

- And previous to this, I mean, did you know your way from one end of an IKEA flat pack to another?

JASON GARDINER: No. I used to get those people that used to come and put it together for you. I paid them. Because I was thinking, well, I'm giving people work. So that's a good thing. And now look, now I'm building houses from scratch.

And you don't have to suffer to live sustainably. That's the other thing I really want people to know. I mean, you can live really a gorgeous life because you're not having to rely on energy prices going up. I don't have to worry about that.


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