Jason Watkins's returning ITV drama McDonald & Dodds confirms release date

jason watkins as ds dodds, tala gouveia as dci lauren mcdonald, mcdonald and dodds season 4
Jason Watkins's ITV drama confirms return dateITV

Jason Watkins's ITV drama McDonald & Dodds has confirmed a return date.

The detective series last aired back in summer 2022, and it has now been announced that the fourth season will premiere next Sunday (July 21) at 8pm.

The show follows Watkins and Tala Gouveia's characters DS Dodds and DCI Lauren McDonald as they solve crimes in Bath.

tala gouveia as dci lauren mcdonald, jason watkins as ds dodds, lydia leonard as lucy colgate, mcdonald and dodds season 4

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The fourth season's premiere comes just over a year after the cameras started rolling on the three new episodes, with ITV commissioner Huw Kennair Jones promising at the time "more original and inventive crimes for McDonald and Dodds to solve".

"It’s great to be working with Mammoth Screen, Robert Murphy and Tala and Jason once again on what promises to be another brilliant series," he added.

The new season will feature several guest stars, including Lost in Space's Toby Stephens, Gentleman Jack's Lydia Leonard, Queen of Oz's Daniel Lapaine, Landscapers' Dipo Ola, Gregory’s Girl's John Gordon Sinclair, Line of Duty's Ace Bhatti and The Voice Kids' Pixie Lott.

Returning to the fold are Outnumbered's Claire Skinner and EastEnders' Charlie Chambers as Chief Superintendent Mary Ormond and DC Samuel Goldie.

jason watkins as ds dodds, tala gouveia as dci lauren mcdonald, mcdonald and dodds season 4

The first episode will focus on the death of a man on a bus as McDonald and Dodds look into the world of blues music and art auctions.

Speaking back in 2022 about what she would like to see next for her character, Gouveia told Radio Times: "It's strange because when you play a character, you start feeling empathy for them, so you want good things to happen to them.

"But actually, good things are often quite boring for the show – you want the problems, breakups or to see someone getting reprimanded, all that drama, so I'm probably hoping for more tension and more challenges for her, which is fun to play… but I do wish her the best."

McDonald & Dodds will return on Sunday, July 21 at 8pm on ITV1.

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