Why did Javy Baez shake a waffle maker after hitting a home run?

Baseball players do weird things after they hit home runs. There’s jumping and high-fiving and butt slaps galore, all in the name of celebration. But what Javy Baez did on Friday night after smacking a home run against the Philadelphia Phillies defies explanation.

It was the fifth inning, and the Chicago Cubs were tied 0-0 with the Phillies. Baez stepped to the plate and hit his 29th home run of the year off starting pitcher Nick Pivetta, did his normal run around the bases, and arrived back in the dugout to what at first appeared to be a normal home run celebration.

But then center fielder Ian Happ handed him something. And that thing was a waffle maker. Baez took it in his hands, lifted it to the sky, and shook it while yelling “WAFFLES!!”

Javy Baez celebrates his 29th homer of the year with a waffle iron. (MLB)
Javy Baez shakes a waffle iron. (MLB/Cut4)

Do you have a million questions? Because I do. Why a waffle maker? Does it belong to one of the players? Did they bring it from home, or buy it specifically for celebration purposes? Do they use it to make waffles? If so, do they make them in the clubhouse? Do they do clubhouse brunch? Because that sounds awesome.

The Cubs were visiting Citizens Bank Park on Friday, so they had to bring that waffle maker with them from home. Is Ian Happ the keeper of the waffle maker? Does it have a special box or carrying case? And seriously, why waffles? What does it mean?

There are many mysteries in baseball, many questions that we hope to know the answer to but never will. Maybe Javy Baez will answer the waffle question for us someday soon. But maybe it’s meant to be one of those baseball mysteries. A weird, weird baseball mystery.

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