Jay Slater missing latest: 'It'll take an army 10 years' as family vow to continue search after Interpol question remains

Jay Slater
-Credit: (Image: Family Handout/LBT Global/PA)

The family of missing teenager Jay Slater have pledged to continue their search, with his father appealing for Interpol's intervention. Glen Duncan, 41, Jay's uncle, described the family's situation as "just desperate - despair" and confirmed they would persist in scouring the rugged northern Tenerife landscape.

Warren Slater, Jay's father, has called on British authorities and international criminal police to step in following the conclusion of the Spanish Police's search for the apprentice bricklayer on June 30. Speaking to MailOnline, he said: "We need to, as a full family, do a proper press conference and ask the British authorities to help.

"He's a British citizen. Get Interpol involved. It's just us. I haven't got a team. We need a team to come over here and find out for us what the police are doing and what we need to do. Our hands are tied over here, we need experts. How long can you stay here for? It'll take an army 10 years to cover all this. I'd employ a team of Gurkhas."

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In related news, two of Jay's closest friends - Lucy Law and Brad Hargreaves - who were with him at a party at Papagayo nightclub in Playa de las Americas before he went to a property in the north of the island, have returned home.

Jay has not been seen since leaving that address on the morning of Monday, June 17. Messages of support and donations on a GoFundMe page for the family of missing Jay Slater have crossed the £50,000 mark. The fund will contribute to the search efforts while compensating for the family's lost time in Tenerife.

Paula Smyth extended her hopes writing: "Hope this beautiful boy comes home safe and soon - I have a son who looks just like him cant imagine what the family are going through." Similarly, Chris Morely expressed his empathy. He said: "Hope you find your boy soon., keep that hope in your heart . From one mum to another."

Rachel Gibson also wrote a heartfelt message stating: "I cannot imagine what you are going through at this difficult time; I hope you find answers soon. You are a wonderful family; don't forget that so many people are rooting for you all. The good always wins in the end. May angels watch over you."

Jay Slater
Missing Jay Slater -Credit:Instagram

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