Jay Slater 'still alive' in Tenerife hills and family told it's 'certainly possible'

Jay Slater experts have said "all is not lost" and missing teen could still be ALIVE in Tenerife. Missing person expert Charlie Hedges has advised that not all is lost, revealing the missing teen could still be alive if he's managed to sustain himself on rainwater and plants.

He said: "It's certainly possible. I think it's important to let the investigation keep all lines of inquiry open until they're proven to be not viable." Mr Hedges spoke out three weeks on from apprentice bricklayer Jay vanishing in the Canary Islands last month.

He went on: "It is quite a long time to survive without food. Depends on how much rain there is, as to whether there's sufficient water." Despite the search being called off by Spanish police on 30 June, Slater’s mother, Debbie Duncan, has vowed to remain on the island with her family until he is found.

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The family is planning to use a significant portion of the £50,000 it raised through a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to hire specialist search teams and the Guardia Civil have given them permission to proceed. The private search team is expected to cost tens of thousands of pounds and will have to liaise with the police to ensure “good management of information and resources”.

Slater's close friend Lucy Law has shared a new photo of the two teenagers as the hunt for Jay nears its third week. Slater disappeared the next morning in the Rural de Teno park in the island's north-westafter setting off to walk back to his accommodation after a night of partying.

In an effort to raise money to track down her friend, Law had set up an appeal on crowdfunding site GoFundMe - "Get JAY SLATER home" - which has so far raised close to £50,000. The pair had travelled to the holiday island together to attend the NRG music festival, and had partied into the night on June 16 at the Papagayo nightclub.