Jay Slater TV detective theory on 'real reason' teen 'wouldn’t wait for lift back'

A view of the AirBnB where Jay Slater stayed before going missing
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TV detective Mark Williams-Thomas has a new theory on why missing teen Jay Slater wouldn't wait for a lift back to the Tenerife apartment where he had been staying before he disappeared in Tenerife.

The investigator has spoken to reporters about his interview with Ayub Qassim, 31, also known as 'Johnny Vegas', who reportedly drove Mr Slater to the rental property from Playa de las Americas.

Despite Spanish police dismissing Mr Qassim and another unnamed man as irrelevant to their investigation, Mr Williams-Thomas believes there may be more to the story.

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Mr Qassim claims that Jay, a 19 year old apprentice bricklayer from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, arrived at the Airbnb alive after a party following a music festival. However, Jay disappeared on June 17 after deciding to walk back to his accommodation in Los Cristianos, a journey that would have taken approximately 11 hours on foot.

It's thought that he missed his bus and chose to make the trek instead.

The search for Jay, which involved helicopters, drones, and search dogs, was eventually called off by Tenerife's Guardia Civil. Meanwhile, Mr Williams-Thomas, who is conducting his own independent investigation separate from the official police response, alleges that Mr Qassim offered to drive Jay back the morning after the party in Playa de las Americas, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The ex-Met Police detective clarifies the alleged "real reason" Mr Slater refused a lift later on, stating: "Qassim said to him 'Chill, mate, I'll drop you off later, when I wake up', but he said Jay said, 'Nah, I need some scran, I'm hungry'."

It is reported that Jay informed Mr Qassim a woman told him buses to Los Cristianos came every 10 minutes. However, Mr Qassim dismissed this, saying there wasn't a bus, and told Jay to "Do what you like", before returning to bed.

According to Mr Williams-Thomas, the next memory Mr Qassim had was a phone call from one of Jay's friends informing him that Jay was lying in a ditch having been "bitten by a cactus".

The investigator further shared that Mr Qassim did not disclose the identity of the second man with whom Jay journeyed to Masca, nor did he discuss the alleged theft of a Rolex watch - an incident which some speculate may be connected with Mr Slater's disappearance.

Nearly three weeks after being declared missing, the circumstances surrounding Jay's disappearance remain murky. Jay's holiday rental was located just a 10-minute distance from the nightclub hosting the music festival afterparty.

In related developments, it's understood that Jay's family are anxiously urging Spanish authorities to utilise drones and other specialised equipment over Rural de Teno park - the last known location of his mobile phone signal.

An insider reveals to The Sun: "They are desperate for permission to be granted that will allow them to use the specialist equipment they've identified."

"They've been speaking to experts who have suggested items that could help - things like [radar] tracking gear, drones and kit which can help at night-time too."

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