Jay Slater's dad says disappearance 'doesn't make sense'

'It doesn't make sense' - Jay Slater's heartbroken dad puts up missing posters for his son
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The dad of missing teenager Jay Slater has said that his son's sudden disappearance in Tenerife 'doesn't make sense'. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News on the seventh day of the search efforts, as he put up missing posters on buildings in the village of Santiago del Teide, dad Warren, along with son Zak and family friend Rachel Hargreaves, revealed that police were looking into 'every lead'.

The 19-year-old from Lancashire vanished on Monday morning, after reportedly walking off into the mountains on his own. Apparently, he stayed at a remote Airbnb north of Masca village on the evening before, with two people he had met at the NRG music event.

But, another day of searches, involving mountain rescue teams, local police, the Civil Guard and fire crews, once again left his devastated family without any answers. This comes after Jay's mum Debbie previously told reporters that there had been a possible sighting that was being investigated, of somebody who looked like missing Jay, walking past a church in Santiago del Teide.

Jay Slater on an appeal poster
An appeal poster for Jay Slater, 19, who went missing during a holiday in Tenerife. -Credit:PA Media

This sighting is yet to be confirmed by the Civil Guard, however Jay's friends and family claimed that they have informed police and that the CCTV is now being looked into. As they gave out printed posters to passers-by and stuck them on buildings in the area, they also shared a still image of someone who they believe matches Jay's appearance.

Posters are now reminding locals of the ongoing investigation, urging people with any information to make contact with police immediately. The Civil Guard has not directly confirmed whether this sighting is being investigated, and despite the blurry image, Rachel Hargreaves said the police are looking into 'every lead'.

Speaking from Tenerife, dad Warren said: "You think, has somebody got him? Because no matter if you were drunk or whatever, you don't go off that road up there. And there are people up there, you don't go along that road for more than 20 minutes without somebody stopping you or passing you.

Search teams continue to hunt for Jay in the Parque Rural de Teno area close to the village of Masca
Search teams continue to hunt for Jay in the Parque Rural de Teno area close to the village of Masca -Credit:Stan Kujawa

"I knew right from when I went up there that he wouldn't have gone [off that road]. He isn't stupid. When I saw the police I asked them, seriously, 'would you go off that road?' and I think it woke them up a bit.

"It started out as it being a lad who had gone walking and got lost, or that he may have fallen. But it doesn't make sense. Nobody would walk off that road. Why would he have gone uphill?

"It's dangerous; it's a massive mountain. It's not just a hill. It was only when I went up there myself [that I noticed]. People that go out to a party don't come up here."

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