Jay Slater's dad says 'riddle' in case 'stinks' and explains his own 'theory'

Jay Slater's dad Warren has said a riddle in his disappearance "sinks" and "he doesn't know the answer". The apprentice bricklayer, who flew out to the popular holiday island for a rave festival with friends Lucy Law and Brad Page, has made headlines around the country.

Warren Slater joined volunteers yesterday to search the treacherous terrain where Jay vanished. He said: “It’s the fourth time I’ve done this. It was hard, I nearly put my eye out.” Warren, who is out in the Canary Islands with Jay's mum Debbie, said: "Tell me where I look, I can only go off the last sighting, the woman in that restaurant saw him going the wrong way.

"Which human being lets a young boy go the wrong way? Everything stinks. It’s just a riddle and I don’t know the answer.” He went on: “My starting position, I’ve said this from day one, ask the two men who’ve taken him. And then start from there.

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“If you and me in England had taken a young girl to the Lake District, do you think they would have let us go back to Spain? We’re going round and round in circles. The Spanish police, you can’t go screaming and shouting at them because they don’t do anything.

“If you start screaming and shouting they won’t do anything even more. If they want to go and search a house they have to go to court first.” He said: “I was quite disappointed last Saturday when they did the search, they said the whole island was going to turn out.

"Let all the big boys do it, the police told me the big, big search was Saturday. We got down in that valley at 2pm and there wasn’t a soul.The way they made it out when they said they were going to have the biggest ever search.”

He said: “You’ve walked from that bnb at 9am you’ve walked all the way up here, he’s a young fit lad, all the way. You’re trying to tell me no car, no one’s seen him at half past 10. Why would you go down there? You’ve got to end why go any further? Why would you leave this road? You haven’t got a clue where you are.

“And no one else has seen him, one woman, he’s knocked on her door, she said at 10 and he went the wrong way. This morning I saw her, she didn’t want to stop. It’s somebody’s son, you know if you’re the last person to see someone’s son you try your damndest to help, don’t you?

“If your son was here what would you do? If he was at the top of that rock you’d climb it. You need Columbo. The two guys, why they took him to that bed and breakfast. So when you get home get me a Columbo. You start from the last two people don’t you? And they’ve just let them walk out."