Jay Slater's dad sums it up in two words as he makes desperate plea

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-Credit: (Image: Stan Kujawa)

The father of Jay Slater has spoken out about the torment his family is experiencing, as the hunt for his missing son continues without success in Tenerife for over a week.

Warren Slater, aged 55, has himself joined the extensive search efforts for 19 year old Jay, who vanished in the Canary Islands. The concern deepened for Warren after Jay went missing soon after informing a mate he would embark on an 11-hour trek to his hotel, having missed his bus last Monday.

During the fraught search, Warren has been tirelessly posting flyers around Santiago, with hopes of a breakthrough. Attention has turned towards Santiago after suggestions that Jay might have been caught on CCTV footage in the area.

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With desperation in his voice, the distressed father said: "I just want him to be found, simples. I just want my son back, end of. What more is there, it's been a week now, a week of nothing, so somebody somewhere must've found out something. Somebody. It is a living hell, unless you're going through it, you cannot explain."

He further implored: "Please, please please, if anybody knows anything just come forward and help us. I don't know if anything untoward has happened to Jay, one minute he is here, next minute he's disappeared. I don't believe he's still in that mountain. The police have put every effort into finding him. The authorities have done everything they can in the search, everybody is up there looking for him.", reports the Mirror.

"We need everybody to help us to search through this wilderness, everybody. It's Barron."

His plea emerges after Jay's mother made a heartfelt appeal, who expressed her longing to have "her baby back". Subsequently, it has come to light that her son might have been picked up by a camera in Santiago de Teide.

A hazy image outside of a church captured around 6pm last Monday is the most recent potential sighting of the 19 year old.

Though not definitively identified as Jay, the mum remains optimistic. Commenting on this lead, Debbie stated: "Someone has come forward to say they saw someone who they thought was Jay walking back down the road sat on a bench. He was with two men looking a bit worse for wear, and they were by a church, this guy has come forward and told the police about it and they are looking into it."

"We don't know if it was Jay for sure, but it's a start. They said it was about 6pm which is 10 hours after he was seen by the lady in the village. But if it was him what was he doing there and who are these two men? " She continued, "Everyone loves being in his company, and he was having a laugh with these guys."

"He wouldn't have seen the danger, he didn't have his wits about him, he just wanted to go and have fun. It's just traumatic and it doesn't feel real. It's just awful, it's horrendous. He's just a great person who everyone wanted to be with. He's good looking, he profited from popularity."

Reports of this possible clue to Jay's whereabouts have yet to elicit a response from the police.