Jay Slater's mum's chilling theory as she urges 'anyone' to join search

Jay Slater's heartbroken mother Debbie Duncan has flown out to Tenerife
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Missing teen Jay Slater's mother has appealed to 'anybody' to join the search for her son. Jay was last heard from on Monday, June 17, after phoning a friend to say he needed water and his phone battery was nearly empty as he attempted to walk back to his holiday accommodation on Tenerife.

The apprentice bricklayer had travelled to an address in the Rural de Teno area with two people he had met at a music festival, according to reports. He is believed to have attempted an 11-hour walk back to his accommodation in the tough heat.

Jay's mum Debbie Duncan flew to Tenerife on Tuesday morning to join in the search for her son, who is an apprentice bricklayer. She told ITV News: “It’s just a nightmare, it’s an absolute living nightmare. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody."

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She then chillingly referred to the fact that he may be lost in the 'massive' area, or someone else could be involved in his disappearance.

"I just want my baby back," Debbie pleaded. "Please just anybody who can help – look for him. It’s a massive area up there. He’s out there somewhere or somebody knows where he is.”

Jay was on holiday with his friend Lucy Mae who said he had "cut his leg on a cactus" before he went missing and called her at 8am on Monday just before his phone ran out of battery.

In an interview with Sky News late on Wednesday, Lucy said: "It's very warm in the day and very cold at night. So in the day, he's going to be really warm without a drink, and then at night, he's going to be very cold without any suitable clothing."