Jay Slater's phone may have been 'thrown' in Tenerife ravine where he vanished

Jay Slater's phone could have been THROWN in the Tenerife ravine where he vanished - according to an expert. The new theory in the Canary Islands, as voiced by a top UK journalist, could explain the GPS location of his phone after Jay vanished in mid-June.

After having a conversation with an ex-British Army officer, reporter Nick Pisa believes Jay's phone may have been thrown. Pisa said the mobile's GPS location could only be possible "if the phone was thrown" into the terrain.

He told GB News: "We're not obviously being kept up to speed, but [the former officer] did tell me that he thought where the ping came from was rather surprising because it was really steep to get to, and it was covered in undergrowth and cacti.

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"He said to get there you'd have to need a machete. Or he suggested, someone had thrown the phone into that growth." Pisa revealed that expert climbers are "still searching with the backing of Jay's family", despite the Civil Guard's active search ending.

The reporter added of one: "I must admit, I've seen him up there several times, and he seems to be the more serious." Former Lambeth Missing Persons Unit boss Mike Neville has explained his “personal theory” regarding Jay as the search for the missing teen rumbles on.

Speaking on GB News, Neville criticised the Tenerife authorities after they called off the search last weekend, arguing the whole affair has been “badly handled”. Neville said: “My personal theory is, he’s in that park somewhere. He’s taken some substances possibly and had some drink, he’s confused and exhausted.

“There’s all that background noise as well. When you know that somebody stayed with someone who is a convicted drug dealer, then you need to look into it. The police have seemingly been too quick to dismiss this and say things are conspiracy theories.

“It was initially portrayed as Jay being a young lad on his first holiday but it turns out he’s been convicted of a violent assault. As well as a search of the park, the police should be looking at the background and asking is there anything else going on?

“They don’t seem to have done that. It’s been badly handled in that sense.”