Jay Slater's uncle hints family know there has been 'third party involvement'

The uncle of Jay Slater - who vanished in Tenerife - has branded the search a "let down". Glen Duncan, 41, brother of Jay's mum Debbie, joined the search for the teenager, who has been missing for almost three weeks, since a night out with pals in mid-June.

He said: "I'm not on social media or anything so I can just block it out. It's the world we live in. If he's gone on a trail like a path like this and he's got lost there or fallen down I think he would have been found by now. I've been thinking third party involvement from the start.

"There's just some things that have already been out there. Why would two lads hire a villa up here? They're down on the strip, you know what it's like down there. There's millions of apartments and hotels down there in Los Cristianos and Las Americas. Straight away, that's just suspicious in itself.

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"Then apparently one who has been found came out and said he arrived alive and left alive. That line in itself is suspicious. The fact he has come out and said all his mates have left him and he had nowhere to go, he was 10 minutes from his apartment in Los Cristianos.

"He's not stupid. If he didn't have a room key he could have gone to reception for a replacement." He went on: "I don't know what the police are taking seriously. I don't know if they're following up every single lead. I feel like marching down there myself and bursting into the police station.

"What are they actually doing now, the police, I mean they're not searching with the helicopter are they? Are they doing door to door inquiries or sitting there looking at CCTV images?" He also questioned why the two Airbnb men were ruled irrelevant by Spanish cops so early on.

"It baffled me from day one. How can you say they have no relevance when they are two of the last people to see him alive? It doesn't make sense. I can't get my head around it. It’s like if one of you guys going missing now and letting the rest of you fly home and say we're not bothered about it.

"It's a massive letdown. It's one of them too - you don't want to give them a hammering. I can't step on their toes."