JCB pothole repair machine is touring Staffordshire - find out where it's been

A Staffordshire firm's award-winning pothole repair machine is touring the county's roads to help prepare them for surface treatments. Staffordshire County Council acquired the JCB Pothole Pro last year and it is now assisting in the spring campaign to repair road defects.

Tests showed the technology could complete a pothole repair in less than eight minutes - four times quicker than the traditional method. And further details of where the machine has been in action in Staffordshire were revealed at the latest full county council meeting, held on Thursday.

Councillor Charlotte Atkins, who represents Leek, asked: "When was JCB’s Pothole Pro first used by Staffordshire County Council? What is the future operational schedule for the Pothole Pro and in which divisions will it be used over the next year?

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"What criteria is used on the allocation of the Pothole Pro to different divisions? Given that you want to involve local members, do local members have any input into the allocation of the machine to their divisions?"

A written response to Councillor Atkins' question, presented to the full council meeting, stated that the authority took delivery of the JCB Pothole Pro in July 2023 and was first used as part of a carriageway resurfacing scheme on the A522 Beamhurst roundabout. Between July and September it was located at the Leek highway depot and used to carry out reactive pothole/patching repairs on a day-by-day and week-by-week need basis across the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Councillor Mark Deaville, cabinet member for strategic highways, said at Thursday's meeting: "The Pothole Pro is working very efficiently and productively - it's at its best and most productive when it has a large area to work on. It has been predominantly working on areas pre-patching, prior to surface dressing.

"We're looking at that as a key area to getting maximum productivity out of the JCB Pothole Pro. However, we will also be looking at using the machine on general defect repairs.

"We have a large stack of defects we want to bring down so why wouldn't we use both the Pothole Pro and Velocity Patcher on reducing those numbers massively? In a short space of time they give our residents great satisfaction that they can see a large swathe of roads with defects repaired.

"I'm adamant the machine moves all around the county and in recent weeks it has moved in different divisions; I think it's up in Biddulph at the moment. We will then work closely with local members to tell them where the machine is and what it's doing, and to get some good communications out.

"It's a Staffordshire-built machine working in Staffordshire and we want local members to get some good comms about the machine working in their areas. Our comms team will be working closely with all members on future locations of the Pothole Pro so the members can go and talk to the crew and see the machine in action."

Councillor Jeremy Pert, who represents the Eccleshall area has welcomed the work that has taken place on the A519 Newcastle Road in Hanchurch. He said: "After a very long and wet winter, the weather has taken its toll on our local roads, so it’s great to see the Pothole Pro out and about in Hanchurch making our roads safer by fixing potholes.

“Having the most innovative equipment to repair the roads is vital to ensure that the repairs can last as long as possible and can be made cost effectively. After all, good roads are important for our residents and businesses.

“We’re also looking into flooding issues in the area and will be working with teams to find a solution. These repairs will make the world of difference to Hanchurch residents and, importantly, prevent the need for more costly maintenance later on.”

Staffordshire roads where the JCB Pothole Pro has been in action:

• Ashcombe Way, Leek
• Ashenhurst Way, Leek
• Birdsgrove Lane, Okeover
• Blythe Close, Blythe Bridge
• Compton, Leek
• Douse Lane, Onecote
• Dunwood Road, Rudyard
• Golling Gate, Hollinsclough
• Harveys Lane, Kingsley Moor
• Hough Hill, Brown Edge
• Leek Lane, Biddulph Moor
• Middlecliff Lane, Bradnop
• Park Lane, Ipstones
• Park Nook, Winkhill
• School Lane, Longsdon
• Shawfield Road, Newtown
• Shawfield Road, Shawfield
• Stallington Road, Blythe Bridge
• Three Pools, Heaton
• Tittesworth Estate, Blackshaw Moor
• William Avenue, Biddulph
• Woodhouse Lane, Brown Edge
• Yerley Hill, Okeover

Since September the JCB Pothole Pro has been deployed on delivering vital prepatching works ahead of the planned 2024/25 surface treatments programme at the following locations:

• From 29 Sept 2023 - Kingsford Lane, Wolverley
• From 13 November 2023 - Battlefield Lane, Six Ashes, Bridgnorth
• From 26 November 2023 - Luttley Lane / Church Lane, Bobbington
• From 11 December 2023 - High Gate Common, Enville
• From 15 January 2024 - Church Lane / Six Ashes Road, Bobbington
• From 5 February 2024 - Leaton Lane, Gospel Ash Road, Bobbington
• From 2 April 2024 – Streetly, Little Aston
• From 8 April 2024 – A519 Newcastle Road, Hanchurch
• From 15 April 2024 - Wharf Road, Gnosall
• From 22 April 2024 - Bramshall Road, Uttoxeter
• From 29 April 2024 – Halls Road, Biddulph
• From 13 May 2024 – Wedgwood Lane, Biddulph

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