Jealous ex-partner jailed after abuse and threats made woman's life an 'absolute misery'

Kane Guile admitted putting a person in fear of violence by harassment and threatening to damage property
-Credit: (Image: Humberside Police)

An obsessed and jealous bully made his ex-girlfriend's life an "absolute misery" by launching an "appalling campaign" of nasty abuse and threats against her.

Aggressive and menacing Kane Guile warned her that he was "thinking of bodying something" – a sinister hint that he might soon be "turning a living person into a dead body".

He also targeted the shop where the woman worked and he threatened to send "20 Somalians" to the store to smash it up, Hull Crown Court heard.


Guile, 23, of St Hilda Street, Bridlington, admitted putting a person in fear of violence by harassment between October 14 last year and March 18 this year and threatening to damage property.

Stephen Welch, prosecuting, said that Guile had been in a relationship with the woman since April 2022 after they first met in August 2021. It was said to have initially been good but, by the start of last year, she noticed a change in his behaviour towards her.

"He became violent and aggressive towards her," said Mr Welch. "He behaved badly while drunk and formed the false impression that she was cheating on him. She found out that the defendant had been unfaithful to her and this caused a severe deterioration in the relationship."

The woman separated from Guile in October. He accepted this at first but he then tried to persuade her to return. He started telephoning her and sending messages to her on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat, telling her that he loved her and had never cheated.

He was abusive to her in the messages. They stopped but, in December, he resumed contact and tried to persuade her to resume the relationship. He used insulting words about her and sent about 25 messages a day until January this year.

Guile sent more abusive messages in February and March and he warned her that she would pay the price if she did not answer her phone. One of the threats was that he would be "bodying something" – an apparent reference to "turning a living person into a dead body".

The woman later said: "This has caused me a lot of stress and I am constantly worrying about further contact from him. Since leaving him and blocking him, I have been much better."

In a separate incident, Guile repeatedly telephoned the Bridlington convenience store where his ex-girlfriend worked, despite being asked by the owner to stop bothering her.

During one threat, he said: "I can get 20 Somalians and send them up to your shop. I am going to smash up your shop front." The shop owner genuinely believed that Guile would damage her shop and that he would get someone to do it for him. There were at least 55 calls to the shop.

Guile had a conviction for causing grievous bodily harm in October 2021. The incident involved him repeatedly punching the victim, leaving him with a broken jaw.

He also had convictions for making threats, dishonesty, harassment, breaching a criminal behaviour order, possessing a blade and possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply.

Cathy Kioko-Gilligan, mitigating, said that the offending was unpleasant but Guile was immature at the time. The relationship at first had a positive effect on Guile but, when it broke down, it caused him "significant disquiet" and he struggled.

"He is remorseful for his behaviour and understands that he has caused this complainant great anxiety and upset and he is sorry for that," said Miss Kioko-Gilligan. "In custody, he has new motivation to kick-start his life.

"He is motivated to gain employment. He was a groundsman and he can go back to that work. He is a new man. He has changed. He wants to continue to change."

Recorder Simon Jackson KC told Guile: "You embarked on an appalling campaign towards a woman who had helped stabilise yourself with all the difficulties that you have had. You have an appalling record. You have convictions that involve violence."

Guile had made his ex-girlfriend's life "an absolute misery" including by making threats to her and to the shop where she worked. "These offences are so serious that only immediate custody is appropriate," said Recorder Jackson.

Guile was jailed for two years and he was given a five-year restraining order.