Jedward Slag Off Louis Walsh After He Calls Them 'Embarrassing'

To be honest, we never expected there to be beef between Louis Walsh and his Irish starlets Jedward but it looks like a civil war is about to brew - and we’re not entirely sure who’s going to win.

Actually, we’re willing to bet the twins do.

To be fair to John and Edward Grimes, Louis is the one who started the fight after he said that the boys were the “biggest embarrassment of his career” with the X Factor judge admitting to regretting championing Jedward throughout the show, with them eventually nabbing sixth place.

Responding to their former manager’s harsh comments, Edward told the Irish Examiner: “I think me and John out of anybody, we’re like survivors from negative press or bullying or ex-managers or anything.

"We are always striving forward.

"Louis will be in the old people’s home soon.”

Me-ow, remind us to never get on their bad side.

Since taking part in The X Factor John and Edward’s career has gone from strength to strength with the duo releasing three albums, taking part in Celebrity Big Brother, landing their own CBBC TV series, having a cameo in Sharknado 2 and even representing Ireland in the Eurovision song contest twice.

Not too shabby for Louis’ most embarrassing career moment, eh?