Jeffree Star has shut down those Kanye West relationship rumours

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We're just eight days into 2021 and it's safe to say it's already been a wild one. Earlier this week, it was reported Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are set to divorce after six years of marriage. Soon after, another totally unsubstantiated, untrue rumour started storming social media - that Kanye and beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star are in a secret relationship.

Jeffree initially poked fun at the wild rumours on social media with a picture shared to Instagram that was captioned, "I'm ready for Sunday Service," which is a reference to Kanye's weekly gospel gatherings. Jeffree, who recently moved to Wyoming where Kanye has his ranch, also hopped on Instagram Stories to brag about his location. "I am here in the beautiful state of Wyoming," he told his 14 million followers. "Hi snow in the background, and today I woke up and um, it's been a very interesting day."

But, with the trolling out of the way, Jeffree's now shut the false allegations down. Yesterday he posted a video to YouTube titled 'Addressing The Kanye Situation' where he denied he's had any involvement with the rapper.

"I scrolled the internet and I read the dumbest s**t I think I ever read in my whole entire life," he started. "I guess some girl made up a whole lie on TikTok that went viral where she insinuates Kanye and Kim are getting divorced because a 'big male beauty influencer' is sleeping with him."

He went on, "I’m single, I’m not sleeping with anyone. This is so weird… this is so stupid. Let me just say this one time... I like very tall men. Me and Kanye have never hung out, and this whole thing is really funny."

Photo credit: Daniele Venturelli
Photo credit: Daniele Venturelli

Jeffree said people made the baseless connection partly because of a song he made over a decade ago. "I get why people are really laughing about this. In an old song of mine from 2009 called 'Bitch, Please', I say a line about Kanye but it was very like Eminem. I mention like 50 celebrities and I say a bunch of crazy s**t so people are going onto that."

So how did the ridiculous rumour start? After it was first reported Kim and Kanye are heading for a divorce, a TikTok personality named Ava Louise alleged Kanye had been "hooking up" with a "famous male beauty guru".

"This whole divorce comes as no surprise," she told her followers. "Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru. Male beauty guru. A lot of people in the scene have known for a while."

Photo credit: Marc Piasecki
Photo credit: Marc Piasecki

Ava said she didn't have any "concrete evidence" but claimed her source was a friend who is a lawyer based in Los Angeles. While she didn't mention Jeffree by name, she did like a series of comments that suggested it was the beauty influencer.

As for Kanye and Kim and the current status of their marriage, they're yet to address the reports publicly.

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