Jemma the Rescue Wombat Chases and Wrestles Ball in Fun Game With Wildlife Carer

A rescue wombat named Jemma wrestled and played with a ball at a sanctuary in the Australian Capital Territory, on December 20.

Yolandi Vermaark, who runs Wombat Rescue and filmed the video, retrieves and cares for wombats that have been “run over by cars, or shot, and left to die.”

In 2019 Australian Geographic followed Vermaark on what was described as a typical weekend and showed her searching for joeys in roadkill and treating wombats for mange.

“First day of my 3 week break (not from wombats just the ANU).. and I’m as happy as Jemma is chasing her ball,” Vermaark wrote on her Facebook post. Credit: @RescueWombats via Storyful

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