Jenna Lyons warns of ‘scary’ situation with LGBT rights in the US

Jenna Lyons has described the situation in the US with LGBT rights as “scary”.

The American fashion designer told Elle UK there is “more prejudice than ever” in the country, adding same-sex marriage legislation risks being overturned.

“I hope that things shift. Where we are now is very scary,” she said.

Royal visit to the US – Day Three
Jenna Lyons meets the Duchess of Cambridge (Geoff Pugh/PA)

Lyons also discussed meeting the Duchess of Cambridge in New York in 2011.

“She was literally the sweetest, most charming person on the planet,” Lyons said.

“She walked right up to me and put her hands on my sparkly shirt and said, ‘Oh, I know you’.

(Elle UK/Coliena Rentmeester/PA)
(Elle UK/Coliena Rentmeester/PA)

“I was told I wasn’t allowed to touch her, she walked up and touched me and I was like, ‘Thank you!’

“She was so nice, it was so exciting.”

Lyons also said her “signature look” of thick rimmed glasses and tied back hair “happened by accident”.

“The glasses… the only ones I seemed to like or look good on me were those heavy rimmed glasses, I tried everything,” she said.

“The hair back was ease and all of a sudden it was a thing, an ‘iconic look’.

“It was an accident, it was definitely not intentional.”