Jennifer Aniston says she hopes her next relationship is ‘not necessarily somebody in the industry’

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Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she hopes her next relationship is with someone outside of the entertainment industry, with the actor revealing she thinks it would be “nice”.

The Morning Show star spoke candidly about what sort of person she hopes to date during an interview with Kay Adams for People TV, after she was asked whether she believes relationships between celebrities and “so-called non-celebrities” can “work”.

“Of course,” Aniston replied, looking confused. “Absolutely.”

The 52-year-old then continued: “I mean, it’s happened. That’s what I’m sort of hoping for, is not necessarily somebody in the industry itself. That would be nice.”

The actor’s comments come after she recently addressed rumours that she is dating her former Friends co-star David Schwimmer, which she described as “bizarre”.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight ahead of the release of season two of The Morning Show, Aniston said: “I could not believe that, actually. Like, really? That’s my brother.”

However, Aniston did admit that she understands where the rumours come from, adding: “But I understand it, though. It just shows you how hopeful people are for fantasies, for dreams to come true.”

Aniston was previously married to fellow actor Brad Pitt for five years, before the pair divorced in 2005. She was also married to Justin Theroux for more than two years, however, the couple separated in 2018 after more than seven years together.

While the actor said she is open to dating and another relationship, preferably with someone outside of the industry, Aniston previously told People that she doesn’t know if she would ever get married again.

“Oh God, I don’t know. It’s not on my radar. I’m interested in finding a fantastic partner and just living an enjoyable life and having fun with one another,” she said in June. “That’s all we should hope for. It doesn’t have to be etched in stone in legal documents.”

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